Tense Easy Way App Review

13 December, 2019

Please Note: "Tense Easy Way" app is now known as "English Easy Way".

Tense Easy Way is an android mobile app which teaches you English Grammar Tense. The beginner of learning Tense may be sometimes disappointed in learning from a book. Try this app, you're sure to be able to learn Tense.

Top Best Mobile Apps for Learning English Tense

This app developed to teach you easy tricks. This app tells students in an easy way to learn Tense Easily. Many students sometimes cannot understand the rules of tense only by learning from the textbook. This app will help you to learn easily. Here are some app reviews and features.

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Table of contents:
  1. About the App
  2. “Tense Easy Way” App
  3. Tense Definition
  4. Kinds of Tense
  5. Learn Tense with Examples
  6. Play Quiz
  7. English Learning Community (ELC)
  8. Users Feedback

1. About the App:

Tense Easy Way has been published by JonyApps.Com. The app runs on the Android Platform of mobile. It was released on Google Play Store for the first time on March 4, 2017. The current version of the app is now on Google Play Store version 9.0 (until December 2019). Only the 4.4 API Level or Kitkat Version Mobile and above these versions mobile can be installed the App. Keep in mind that this app only supports android mobile devices. The app can be found in the Google Play Store, to do that simply type "Tense Easy Way" to find the app. It's a completely free app and there's no need to pay . If you want to download the app from Google Play Store, just click here.

Tense Easy Way is an android mobile app which helps you to learn English Grammar Tense. This app is very helpful especially for the beginners. There are lots of examples on Tense that helps students to learn easily.

2.“Tense Easy Way” App:

This is the best Tense app to learn. The app's goal is to teach you Tense easily. If you want to learn Tense easily, it will be very helpful. There are so many easy examples in the apps. Users will get the most benefits of the app for the beginner or the student level. Below I am writing some features to give you a better understanding of the app.

Tense Easy Way

3. Tense Definition:

This is the 1st button of the app to introduce you about the Tense and its Definition. You can learn “kinds of tense” and its pattern. There are some examples of all tense patterns so that you can understand well.

4. Kinds of Tense:

Inside the app, there is a button called "Kinds of Tense".  Just press the button to see more three buttons. Those buttons are “Present Tense”, “Past Tense” and “Future Tense”. Within each tense button, you will see more buttons. Press those buttons to learn all about tense. The Definitions, notes, tense structures and examples will help you to clearly understand tense .

Tense Easy Way

5. Learn Tense with Examples:

I want to mention that, student loves this app because of this special feature. Here you'll find all of the Tense's Easy Structure like Present Tense, Past Tense, Future Tense. This pattern or structure will help you understand your tense well.

6. Play Quiz:

Do you like to test your English Tense skill? If yes, press the “Play Quiz” button and answer those answers. There are 10 questions on Present Tense, 10 questions on Past Tense, 10 questions on Future Tense and 30 questions on all about Tense. Take part in this quiz program to see your skill in Tense.

Don't worry if you don't know the answer, you'll get all the answers if you press "Get answers!" button.

Tense Easy Way

7. English Learning Community (ELC):

The full meaning of ELC is English Learning Community. The Tense Easy Way app gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas on learning English. To join to ELC you have to sign in to the community. After sign in you can see all the posts and comment that people shared. Do you want to share anything you can do here. English Learning Community will help if you have any issue to know. If you post anything that you want to know, English Learning Community members will help by commenting on your post.

Tense Easy Way

8. Visit JonyApps.Com Page:

JonyApps.Com is a website for you. You can find all updates, blog posts, life hacks on the website. From the app you'll also receive all the JonyApps.com updates.

9. Users Feedback:

Many people are using the Tense Easy Way app. Many users said that they really benefited using this app After using this app, they become able to learn Tense. There are many positive comments from the users and I am providing link to see the review on Google Play Store. If you want to know more click here.

At last, I want to say, if you like to learn English Grammar-Tense from this app, you will be benefitted. Developers always add new features,new options, and new learning stuff when they release a new version. Try this app if you want to learn Tense easily.

Download From Google Play Store

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