How to Install JDK on Windows, Java Development Kit (JDK)


Java Development Kit (JDK) is needed for running Java programs. It is recommend to install the latest JDK from the Oracle website.

In this tutorial you will learn the following:

★ Downloading JDK,

★ Installing JDK on Windows,

★ Set Environment Variable for Java Path

★ Check the Java Version from Command Prompt

Table of contents:

  1. Check Java Version
  2. Download JDK
  3. Install JDK
  4. Path Setting
  5. Check Java Version Again

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1. Check Java Version:

At first, you can check whether your computer already Java installed or not. To check the Java version, simply run Command Prompt from your windows. When command Prompt opens, type java –version and press Enter button from Keyboard. If you get “java” is not recognized as an internal or external command, it means you have not installed Java in your computer yet.

Click below images for ZoomView.

2. Download JDK:

To download Java Development Kit (JDK) from its website simply search at Google Search Engine, you will get the website Link. Follow below images. Click images to see Zoom View.
Click here for JDK Download Link.

3. Install JDK:

Installing JDK is very simple. Click on the java jdk .exe file and Run as Administrator. Then go to next next button to install JDK.

4. Path Setting:

Okay, JDK installed in your computer. Now a little bit path setting is required. Follow below images.

5. Check Java Version Again:

So, Now again check the Java Version from the Command Prompt. If you did everything perfectly then you can see the Java Version. If you can get the Java version its means you have installed the JDK perfectly.

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