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12 December, 2019

"Learn English" is a mobile app with an Android Platform. This is an app for students to learn English Grammar. Many students want to learn English Grammar, and the beginner will find this app very helpful.

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This app has provided some easy techniques to learn English easily. Many students are unable to understand English Grammar's rules. This app is designed to easily teach you all the rules. I am writing some of this app's features here.

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Table of contents:
  1. Who Released the App
  2. Introduction of all Levels
  3. Level-1
  4. Level-2
  5. Level-3
  6. Level-4
  7. Level-5
  8. Submit Tasks

1. Who Released the App:

The "Learn English" app was released by JonyApps.Com. The app will only run on the platform of Android. It was first released on December 15, 2017. The app has been updated recently and the updated version of the app is now 1.10 (up to December 2019). The app requires at least 21  API levels or Android Lollipop of the mobile version. Installing the app requires an android mobile phone. The app is completely free and can be found in the Google Play Store. Click here to Download from Google Play Store.

Know Some of Its Features and Levels:

"Learn English" is an android mobile app which helps you to learn English Grammar Tense. This app is very helpful especially for the beginners. There are lots of examples those help students to learn easily.

2.Introduction of all Levels in short:

When you open the app, you will see that the app contains a total of 4 Levels. 1st Level presents everything about Tense. 2nd level will teach Negative Question. 3rd Level tells you how to make a conversation in English. 4th Level teaches you how to transform Active Sentence to Passive. After successful completion of all Levels, you can get a certificate at the last Level 5.

Learn English Screenshot

3. Learn Tense at Level 1:

This is the first level, which is called "Start Journey!". When you first enter the level 1 you need to "Input Your Name". You will be able to learn everything about Tense and its pattern structure. Easy Structure Button will display Tense easy rules structure. You can test your Tense skill after learning everything about Tense by pressing Unlock Level–2. To complete Level 1 and to enter Level 2 you have to answers total 20 questions accurately.

Learn English Screenshot

4. Negative and Question at Level 2:

You can learn all the Negative and Question making rules. There are plenty of examples for you to easily learn. You will also learn "WH" questions at this level. If you click on the button More Examples, you will be able to see many examples of Negative and Question making. These Examples will help you to learn easily.

Learn English Screenshot

5. English Conversation at Level 3:

Would you like to learn English speaking? Level 3 provides you some conversation in English. This conversation will guide you to learn more about English. Would you like to chat in English with someone? Yes, you will get an option. You can talk to Angela,she's a robot girl. You can talk with Angela by sending text as like chatting. Even if you don’t know the Unlock Level 4 answer, Angela's going to help you, you just need to ask Angela by typing your question.

Learn English Screenshot

6. Voice Change at Level 4:

On this level, you can learn Active to Passive voice change. The most important part of this level is “Voice Recorder”. Here you can record and listen to your own English speaking voice.

Learn English Screenshot

7. Certification at Level 5:

You can unlock this level after completing all of the above levels. You can get a ertificatec at this level. For you, this is a credit to complete all levels. To inspire friends to download, you can share or save your certificate in the phone memory through the app.

8. Submit Tasks:

This is where you can store your study. You can do this just Signing In from the app. Whatever you want to write, you can save those with the app. This app will store all your writings to its’ server. You have to submit some tasks while using the app. By using this app, you can do all these things.

The "Learn English" app is all about this. Would you like to learn English Grammar easily? If yes, download the app. To download the app from the Google Play Store, click below button.

Download From Google Play Store

If you have any comments, please post below.

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