Active to Passive Voice - English Grammar Learning App

11 December, 2019

Active to passive voice is an android mobile app. This is an English Grammar Learning app. Many students want to learn how to make active sentence into passive. This app teaches you easy techniques. This app guides students in an easy way to learn..

Active to Passive Voice - English Grammar Learning App

Sometimes many students can't understand the Active to Passive Voice Change rules. This app has been created to teach you all the rules easily. Here is some review of the apps.

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Table of contents:
  1. Who developed the App
  2. Some of It’s Features
  3. Voice Definition
  4. Learn Voice
  5. Easy Structure
  6. See More Example
  7. Users' Feedback
  8. Users Feedback

1. Who developed the App:

Active to Passive Voice App has been developed by JonyApps.Com. The app has been created for android platform. It was released for the first time on September 29, 2017. The latest version of the app is now 3.0.2 (until December 2019). The installation of the app requires at least 21 levels of API or Android Lollipop mobile version. This app supports only on android mobile device. The app is available in the Google Play Store and you don't have to pay for the app. It's a completely free app. Click here to Download from Google Play Store.

This is an android mobile app which helps you to learn English Grammar Voice Change. This app is very helpful especially for the beginners. There are lots of examples on those helps students to learn easily.

2. Some of It’s Features:

This app is unique to other related applications. The main goal of the app is to easily teach users. It will be very useful if you want to learn how to make an active sentence to passive. The apps in particular have many easy examples. This app was created for the students who wants to learn as a beginner. Below I am providing some features of the app for your better understanding.

Voice Change Screenshot

3. Voice Definition:

When you open the app, a short Splash screen is displayed. The app's main page is designed very colorful. You'll find a "Voice Definition" button at the top of the page. You will find a brief definition of the voice change and types of voice with some examples.

4. Learn Voice:

Inside the “Learn Voice” button you will find three button called Present Tense, Past Tense and Future Tense. You will see more sub button when you click on the button. In each button you will see Definition and Rules on How to make Active Voice to Passive. You'll find examples to understand well.

Voice Change Screenshot

5. Easy Structure:

The very easiest way to learn voice change is to understand easy structure of voice change. If you see the easy structure of voice change, I hope you will learn very soon. There are also some examples with the structure.

Voice Change Screenshot

6. See More Example:

The app contains many examples of voice change. If you press “See more Example” button, you will find lots of colorful button. This examples will help you to understand voice change easily.

Do you want to Download all the examples? just press the Download button. Examples image will be saved into your phone’s memory.

Voice Change Screenshot

7. Users' Feedback:

There are a lots of people using this app. Many users admitted that they really benefited using this app.. After using this app they become able to make Active voice to Passive voice. It was also very helpful to some student who wrote the exam after learning voice change from our app.

This is all about the “Voice Change” app. The app is always getting updated. New features new option are always adding when we release a new version. If you are seeking to learn voice change easily then using this app will be a good option for you.

Download the “Voice Change” App for your Android Mobile from Google Play Store.

Download From Google Play Store

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