Our Android Apps :

Anonymous Chat - App

Anonymous Chat App: -> For Signup no need Phone number and email ID. -> Your messages are completely Anonymous. -> Nobody can Identify the message sender. -> Delete chat messages from both sides Yours and your Friend’s. -> Send messages, photos, voice, and documents -> You can send an image without any Quality Loss and download it in its Original Size.

Tense Easy Way !

Learn English Grammar with this App. This App contains - English Tense, Negative and Question, English Conversation and English Voice Change. *Methods of all Tense patterns *Lots of Examples on English Grammar *Easy Structure of Tense and Voice Change *Lots of Quiz game, Tasks, Question & Answers *English Learning Community (ELC) for sharing your learning English.

Recycle bin - Buy and Sell old things!

This app helps to buy and sell old or used products. You can buy, sell and search for a wide range of products at your location. -> You can search for products by category and location. -> You can contact sellers by making a phone call, sending emails or by commenting on a post. -> You can post old or used product items to sell your products.

Learn Active to Passive Voice

Very Easy Way to Learn English Voice Change. This App contains all about Tense And Voice Change. Methods of all Voice patterns. Lots of Examples of Active to Passive Voice Change. Easy Structure of all Voice Change Patterns. Join to English Learning Community (ELC).

Photo & Note Storage

Photo & Note Storage is an internet based storage App which uploads your photos and notes to Google Storage; So all of your photos and notes remain private and safe, only you can see your photos and notes. You can remove or download when you want.

Learn English Grammar

Download this app if you like to learn English Easily. *This App contains all about Learning English *Methods of all Tense patterns *Making Negative and Question Sentence *English Conversation Learning *Transforming Sentences from Active to Passive Voice *Lots of Examples *Easy Structure of Tense and Voice Change